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Dedicated Independent Celebrant

Hello and welcome to my site. As an Independent Celebrant I will dedicate myself to creating and crafting a unique and meaningful narrative, with an unwavering commitment to your love story.

Eager to transform your journey into the heartfelt and unforgettable ceremony, ensuring your special day is a true reflection of your love and commitment, weaving together the shared threads of promises and cherished memories.


The story of your lives so far.

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About Andrew

I am a dedicated person, bright, cheerful and understanding. I strive to connect with the people I deal with on a level that ensures your love story is authentically portrayed, personally crafted with heartfelt detail to ensure your ceremony is unique, meaningful and unforgettable.

Regardless of your background or beliefs your story will be valued, understood and conveyed with passion and caring. During the process I work very closely with my couples as we progress in writing the script, all inclusive in a calm atmosphere of professionalism.

You can be rest assured you're in very capable hands. Of course once the script is complete you have the final word on content guaranteeing its just as you wanted and hoped for.


Why Choose Andrew

I hope couples choose me because of the genuine connection I endeavour to foster and the unparalleled dedication I would bring to your day. I believe my ability to understand and embrace your unique story  sets me apart.

I believe I create ceremonies that are unique and deeply personalised, expressions of your love and commitment.  My inclusivity and adaptability hopefully makes every couple feel seen and heard in a way that gives them confidence and a sense of calm to an otherwise nerve wracking time in your lives, and leaving you with a lasting impression that will become a cherished and and unforgettable moment in your journey.

Why I do this

As an Independent wedding celebrant, my role is to officiate your wedding ceremony and create a memorable and personalised experience for couples.

  • 1 I work very closely with couples to create a ceremony that reflects your love story, values and beliefs, often involving writing and delivering personalised vows and special rituals or traditions.
  • 2 Effectively communicate with you, which is crucial, as much as is required to understand your vision, offer guidance and make any necessary adjustments to the ceremony script as required.
  • 3 To present a calming professional presence to help ease the nerves, supporting you both to allow you to enjoy your day to its fullest fully.
  • 4 To adapt to changes and unexpected situations on your wedding day, ensuring the ceremony runs smoothly and to your wishes.
  • 5 To conduct a rehearsal, ensuring everyone knows their roles and the ceremony flows seamlessly.

I do this because I am deeply passionate about the connection of two people and celebrating these emotions through meaningful ceremonies. My Role as the Celebrant allows me to be a part of one of the most joyous moments in people's lives, helping couples express their love and commitment and creating the script that will be a lasting memory, a dedication if you like in crafting that special moment in their lives that will live forever.


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